Assessment Tips

Seesaw enables students of all ages to show what they know by independently documenting and sharing their work. If you’re overwhelmed with one-on-one assessments for every student in your class, Seesaw can help!  

Some quick tips:

1. Create a Seesaw Center in your classroom for students to create thoughtful Seesaw posts. This recording spot poster is a perfect printable to hang there.

2. Students use Seesaw tools such as voice, drawing, photos and video to share their learning and give you glimpses into their thinking! These tools are especially impactful for emerging readers and writers.

3. Record and share lesson instructions in all student journals to avoid any confusion at the start of class.

4. Use the Calendar View to see who’s completed daily work and quickly review all student work at once.

5. If you’re a Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools user, use Skills View to tag and organize work with school-defined skills and standards.